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Welcome to CYO Youth Baseball.
Get Ready for the 2017-18 JBO Season!


Youth Baseball for K through 8th Grade

Team Grade Levels

  • Grade K-2 - Development (T-Ball, Coach Pitch)
  • Grades 3-4 - JBO Midget
  • Grades 5-6 - JBO Junior

Note: Age is determined by July 31st

League Competition

All grade 3-8 teams play a Junior Baseball Organization (JBO) schedule with member associations from the following JBO districts:

Player Ability and Safety Levels

  • TBall to Coach Pitch - Beginner and developing grades K-2.
  • JBO National - Beginner and developing grades 3-8.
  • JBO American - Intermediate skill grades 3-8.
  • JBO Federal - Most skilled grades 3-8.

Note: February "Player Evaluation" attendance may be REQUIRED for American and Federal skill levels. Players will be assigned to teams at the appropriate ability and safety level.

Uniform and Equipment

Uniform jersey and hat is included in the price of registration. Youth baseball players are responsible for all other clothing and/or equipment. Learn more about player responsibility equipment.

Practice and Game Schedule


  • Begin March-July
  • Weekdays and weekends


  • Midget 3-4, May-July
  • Junior 5-6, April-July
  • Senior 7-8, April-July
  • Games scheduled on weekdays. Two per week.
  • Teams that qualify for district and state tournaments usually play until mid-to-late July.

Practice and Game Locations

Conducted at area grade school and high school locations as well as other parks and recreation locations.

Cost for 2017-2018 Youth Baseball Player

TBall to Coach Pitch, Grades K-2 - $135.00 per Player
March 31 deadline.

JBO Midget, Grades 3-4 - $180.00 per Player
February 28 deadline.

JBO Junior, Grades 5-6 - $180.00 per Player
February 28 deadline.

JBO Senior, Grades 7-8 - $180.00
February 28 deadline.

2017-2018 Baseball
Player Registration

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2017-2018 Baseball
Player Registration

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